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Upload your data file for Haplogroup analysis:

Ref Sequence:
Ref Tree: Include Modifications (latest build only)
Identifier: (optional—name to include in page title)
22-SNP Panel:New (1243/3970) Old (8994/13928) (applies to FTDNA/Genographic 1 Haplogroup option)
FTDNA/Genographic 1

(optional—only for HVR results from Family Tree DNA or The Genographic Project version 1 test)
Genographic 1

(optional—only for HVR results from The Genographic Project version 1 test)

(optional—minimum number of matches to show)
Walk From:
(optional—expert use only)
Ranges fully sequenced: (optional—automatic if all unchecked)
The following options apply only to sequencing results. Default position ranges are for FTDNA results.
HVR1Positions: to
HVR2Positions: to (also include HVR3 if applicable)
CRPositions: to


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