Brief directions for deCODEme users:

  1. Log into your deCODEme account. At the far right click on "Advanced."
  2. Click on "Download Your Data" under the "Data download" category.
  3. Enter your password and click "Download."
  4. Save the zip file somewhere on your computer. (It may take up to a minute for the download to start.)
  5. Open the zip file and extract the "deCODEme_scan.csv" file inside.
  6. Open the "deCODEme_scan.csv" file in a text editor and copy the lines begining with "Mito" (usually at the very end of the file) and paste them into a new txt file.
  7. Click on the "Browse" button on the mthap page and select the txt file. (The zip file will not work. The full csv file will work but waste a lot of time and bandwidth.)
  8. Click on "Upload."