General Directions

Sequencing results from FTDNA and others are generally described in shorthand as a list of Differences to rCRS. mthap can read a text file containing a list of mutations. It should look something like this:

73G 263G 315.1C 497T 750G 1189C 1438G 1811G 2706G 3480G 4769G 5585A 7028T 8860G
9055A 9138Y 9698C 10398G 10550G 11299C 11467G 11470G 11719A 11914A 12308G 12372A
14167T 14766T 14798C 15326G 15924G 16093Y 16222T 16224C 16311C 16362C 16519C

mthap will attempt to ignore extraneous punctiation and text, but to avoid any potential problems it should be a plain and simple space delimited list like the above example.

In particular, please observe the following conventions (based on FTDNA's format):

Brief directions for FTDNA users:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. On the myFTDNA Home page look for the "mtDNA" section and click on "Results."
  3. Click on the "rCRS Values" tab. (The default RSRS Values tab is not compatible.)
  4. Copy the 1 to 3 tables at the top of the page labeled "HVR1 differences from CRS," "HVR2 differences from CRS," and "Coding Region differences from rCRS." (You may have only one or two tables depending on which test you bought.)
  5. Paste this into a text editor (Notepad, etc.) and try to edit out extraneous punctuation so that it looks something like the above example.
  6. Save this into a "txt" format file. (If you use a word processor make sure to use "Save As..." and select TXT or plain text format. RTF, DOC, DOCX, etc. won't work.)
  7. Click on the "Browse" button on the mthap page and select the txt file.
  8. Click on "Upload."